Introducing the BingoStar90® Electronic Bingo System!

Complete with full RNG integration, brilliant displays and exciting software features, the BingoStar90® is the ultimate bingo venue solution!

BingoStar90® provides an unparalleled competetive edge to any club or bingo center. Seamlessly integrating user-friendly main stage electronics, a Player Tracking System, Point-of-Sale terminals and automated Handheld Player Units, the BingoStar90® System is alone in its class.



Designed to meet the needs of the most discriminating bingo players, BingoStar® handheld units provide the ultimate electronic bingo experience!


Played alongside traditional paper bingo books, BingoStar® handhelds quickly become a favorite at every venue, adding variety and excitement. Featuring proprietary AutoDaub"! wireless technology, BingoStar® handhelds automatically signal players with audible tones and provide a wide-screen display of the standard 90-number indicator board. As numbers are called, actual bingo tickets are graphically displayed and daubed for the player. Most importantly, BingoStar® player units feature optional hands-free daubing and automatic game advance for ease of player operation.



Your bottom line will soar with the introduction of hands-free BingoStar® portable player units!

With the full automation of all player inputs, customers are free to play their paper books while enjoying the advantages of electronic bingo. In addition, BingoStar® portable player units consistently attract new customers to bingo clubs, instantly enhancing profits by drastically increasing customer spend!




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•  Full Random Number Generation integration

•  Main Stage Electronics

•  AutoDaub"! - Proven Bi-directional Radio    Frequency communication

•  Auto-detection and correction of player    input errors

•  Automatic  waiting and  winning card    alerts

•  On-site game pattern changes

•  Real-time game pattern changes    automatically transmitted to handheld    units

•  Optional manual daubing

•  Simultaneous playing of 90 and 75 number    games

•  Large screen display

•  Easy-grip carrying handle

•  Download multiple sessions in a single    transaction

•  Linked multi-venue capability

•  Multi-language translation

•  Integrated winner verification for paper and    electronics

•  Play up to 4096 cards simultaneously

•  Bonanza Bingo

•  Progressive jackpots

•  Specialty games

•  Modular charging racks

•  24 hour customer support hotline




•  Point-of-Sale System

•  Player Tracking

•  Paymaster

•  Caller / Verifier

•  Multi-game Stationary Player Units