FortuNet, Inc. (Nasdaq symbol FNET) is a licensed Nevada gaming equipment operator, manufacturer and distributor. FortuNet pioneered electronic bingo networks and multi-gaming networks in the eighties and currently manufactures and distributes its patented BingoStar® network to bingo halls and casinos throughout the world.

The BingoStar® system smoothly integrates wireless electronic bingo player units with stationary video bingo player units in a comprehensive system that includes point-of-sale terminals and bingo caller terminals.

The BingoStar® system allows players to play virtually any imaginable type of bingo game. Additionally, the BingoStar® system allows playing of video pull tabs and popular casino games such as poker, keno, and slots (where permitted by law) concurrently with playing bingo games.

FortuNet is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, where it manufactures products and provides services for Nevada casinos. Outside of Nevada, FortuNet distributes and services its products through a network of distributors including its wholly-owned subsidiary, Millenium Games, Inc.




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